Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Product Profile: SMELLY FACE

We spent a lot of time looking into different oils that would help fight against various skin imperfections.  We came up with what we think to be the PERFECT blend to help you take care of your skin.

Smelly Face contains:

*Organic unrefined coconut oil
*Vitamin e
*Organic tamanu oil
*Organic hemp see oil
*Organic rosehip seed oil
*Organic carrot seed essential oil
*Organic myrtle essential oil
*Organic geranium essential oil

Carrot seed essential oil and geranium essential oil are not recommended during pregnancy.  In general, these are fantastic oils.  They help alleviate pain associated with menstruation and they also help balance hormones.  We offer a fetus friendly version called "Not-so-Smelly" that is available upon request.  Feel free to send us an email if you're knocked up and need help with your glow!

We are so proud of Smelly Face and will answer any questions you may have.  We have received some awesome testimonials and are excited to share them with you.  ENJOY!

"I've been using it twice a day since Friday - so not that long.  When I first put it on it still freaked me out a little because its an oil and I tend to have oily skin.  Feels counterintuitive.  Plus its smelly - haha.  I leave it for a few minutes while I do other things and when I come back my skin feels smooth and not greasy at all and the smell is gone.  I've totally stopped using my foundation primer because I don't need it.  My skin takes and holds my foundation much better than it did when I was using my Mary Kay primer.  My skin somehow feels tighter or smoother or maybe both.  It's hard to describe.  I'm surprised how much I like this stuff!"  -Darcy

"I am LOVING Smelly Face! I can almost hear my skin saying "ahh" every time I put it on. My skin is smoother, more even tone, and doesn't get all oily anymore! For anyone who hasn't tried it - worth every penny!" -Dawn 

"My twelve year old daughter started using smelly face 4 days ago and is having great results. Her acne is starting to clear already and the redness has nearly disappeared! We are so happy to find something that is not irritating to her sensitive skin! You ladies are doing amazing things keep up the good work!" -Miranda 

"I really dig it."  -Sarah

"I have always preferred using natural skin care products, which mainly consisted of witch hazel and aloe vera gel. As I've gotten older and had kids, it seemed that plain ol' aloe gel wasn't cutting it anymore. Instead of healthy, youthful skin, I was seeing fine lines, dark circles under eyes, age spot, and a generally dull appearance. Sine using Smelly Face, I have noticed all those things disappearing or being greatly diminished. The other thing I love about it is that it isn't greasy or thick. A small amount goes a long way and it never feels heavy, like most store bought products. I was concerned that it really would be 'smelly' but it isn't. I would describe the smell as 'earthy,' like walking into a natural foods store. I love Smelly Face, and would recommend it for anyone who wants to see noticeable improvements in the health and appearance of their skin." -Melissa

"I am in shock and I'm sure not everyone will believe me but I have used my new smelly face two times and my skin already looks different to me! My pores look smaller and my skin looks healthy. I can't wait to keep using it and see the results. Thank you so much." -Mindy

"Absolutely LOVE SMELLY FACE!!! In fact I would like another bottle please!! I love the fact that I have gotten off my antibiotics for my breakouts and no longer using the topical cream that they prescribed me. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!"  -Cindy

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