Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Testimonial Tuesday: BUG OFF {the best darn bug repellent}

Our BUG OFF has been a huge hit at our local farmers market and we are thrilled!  The idea of people covering themselves in deet makes us sad :(  Needless to say, we are pleased to be providing you all with an all natural alternative.

Today we want to feature a testimonial from one of our loyal fans, Kelly.  We were so happy to receive this testimonial and we hope it convinces you to try our Bug Off and STOP using the stuff loaded with dangerous chemicals.

(Look at that, NO DEET)

"This year has been very warm and with that, I belive our property has seen the early signs of mosquitos. One day after work, I walked up to the barn for maybe 15 minutes, only to get eaten alive! That next Saturday I drove to the Independence Riverview Market to get my Crunchy Mamas Bug Off. Since then, I have yet to be bitten. I feel completely comfortable rubbing it all over my 19 month old because the ingredients are all natural. I bought another Bug Off for my parents River property, so they too, are safe from the summer time pests. I love you guys, and everything you Mamas do. Thank you!"

No, thank you Kelly!  We are happy that those blood suckers are keeping off you this year and we really appreciate your feedback!

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