Sunday, January 13, 2013

Product Profile: CRUSTY FOOT

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love CRUSTY FOOT.  I love that it glides right onto my foot.  I love that I don't have to get my hands all goopy and then awkwardly try to put on my oversized fuzzy socks with greasy hands after applying.  I love that the hemp seed oil makes it green leaving proof that we don't use any fake dyes or other dangerous crap in our products.  I just plain LOVE it.

This product was created because one of the Crunchy Mamas is actually a severe Crusty Mama.  Let's just say we went to get pedicures and the sweet little Asian man pulled out a contraption that resembled a medieval cheese grater, began shaving (yes, I said shaving) the bottoms of her feet, and then had to charge her extra (probably to cover the costs of the chiropractor he was forced to visit after her labor intensive pedicure).  In any event, Crusty Foot works on those feet, and it is bound to work on yours!

A few weeks ago I asked our friends on facebook to give me some feedback about our beloved Crusty Foot.  I was devastated when a few people complained about the smell.  I personally think it smells wonderful.  It contains organic chamomile essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, and organic patchouli essential oil.  Apparenty, the patchouli isn't on everyones top five list like it is mine.  After I wiped my tears and came to grips with the fact that not everyone agrees with me, I saw the silver lining.  Not one person had any complaints about how awesome this stuff works.  The gals who mentioned that they didn't care for the smell also included that this stuff works wonders on their dry spots and cracks on the bottom of their feet.  HOORAY for the silver lining!

Some people may not agree with us on our philosophy.  Our mission with this product is to get your feet flip flop ready and leave them feeling smooth and looking pretty.  We aren't in the business of creating foofy, heavily fragranced items.  With this product, our mission was successful and we have managed to make a fantastic product and we are really proud of this one.  You may LOVE the smell like we do.  Or it may not be your favorite.  But if your main goal is to find something that clears up nasty feet, then this is your stick!

CRUSTY FOOT contains:

*organic unrefined coconut oil
*vitamin e
*organic tamanu oil
*organic hemp seed oil
*organic chamomile essential oil
*organic lavender essential oil
*organic patchouli essential oil

We have to say it, the patchouli is here to stay.  Without it, Crusty Foot would not be the product that it is.  We just made up a fresh batch and we are sure that it won't be around for long.  So get your hands and feet on a tube and let us know how you like it!

"I love how soft my feet feel after I have had it on them..."  -Brooke

"So I have an issue with my cuticles cracking in the winter. Lotion doesn't seem to cut the dryness, but to my amazement crusty foot does. Katie told me to try it and so far it works great. I put it on at bed time. Have to get the hubby to try it on his sandpaper mechanic hands too" -Moriah

"It feels awesome to be on the receiving end of a Crusty Foot rub! We've already gone through one tube and cracked open another. I don't mind the scent and love how soft my feet feel afterwards." -Susan

"I use Crusty Foot on my hands because they are so cracked and dry from work and winter weather. I put it on my hands at night before bed and wake up with smooth hands!" -Darcie

"I just got mine delivered this morning. I have used it twice so far. I can already see a difference in the cracks in my heels. I love it!!" -Jacqui

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