Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why the Scab Stick?

The Scab Stick!  My new favorite defense against cuts and scrapes.  This little magical tube is wonderful and my kids love it.  It has that "kiss the boo boo make it better" effect.  I glide it on my babies and they think that it is a magic potion that makes everything feel kind of is, let me tell you why.

Our Scab Stick contains:

*organic unrefined coconut oil
*organic tamanu oil
*organic helichrysum essential oil
*organic roman chamomile essential oil
*organic tea tree essential oil

and here is why:

*Organic unrefined coconut oil is also referred to as "natures band aid."  It helps seal up wounds and prevents them from getting infected.  It also speeds up skin repair.  Yay for coconut oil!!!

*Beeswax helps heal skin and keeps it moisturized.  (We mainly use this to help keep the product solid so that it is easy to glide and maintains its form.)

*Organic tamanu oil is another excellent healing agent.  It is known to repair damaged skin and restore it quickly.  It is also known to help relieve itching.

*Organic helichrysum essential oil is a natural anti septic, anti inflammatory, fungicidal, and anti allergenic.  "It prohibits and inhibits fungal infections effectively."  (Organic Facts)

*Organic roman chamomile essential oil is a natural anti septic, anti biotic, disinfectant, and bactericidal.  It also helps calm inflamed skin.

*Organic tea tree essential oil is often referred to as the "All-Cure."  Tea tree helps fight all kinds of infections and also helps boost immunity.  It is a natural anti bacterial and anti septic.  In addition to all of that good stuff, it is also a fungicide, which means it inhibits fungal growth.  Wait!  There's more, it provides relief from sprains, aches and pains.

We hope you'll give the Scab Stick a try and love it as much as we do!

Hint:  If your husband hunts or fishes, make him keep one of these with him while he's out doing manly things.  It's convenient and easy to use.  He will thank you!

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