Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ABOUT TO POP: Stretch Mark and Itchy Belly Fighter

Hey, Ashley here.  As most of you know I just recently birthed a good sized human.  Look...

That's me looking sleep deprived as all get out but not really caring because I'm snuggling my adorable red headed newborn.

Anywho, I got itchy belly when that little cherub was taking up residence in my uterus.  I started using my Not-so-Smelly Face and that helped out a great deal - but let's face it, I can't afford to be rubbing that liquid gold on my belly twice a day.  I called up my fellow Crunchy Mama and asked if she would cook me up a stick that would help with itching and *fingers crossed* stretch marks.  We kept the carrier oils the same: coconut, tamanu, hemp seed, and rosehip seed.  Then we added a few drops of sweet orange and lavender.  Voila.

We had ZERO intention of ever including this product in our line.  Until I realized that it worked and I absolutely loved it.  Listen up, I got NO new stretch marks, my belly stopped itching, and my skin looked healthier than ever (I'm trying to avoid using the word "supple" because I hate it, but I have to admit, it's supple).  My only regret is that I didn't have this stuff six years ago when my first little guy stretched my stomach out beyond recognition.  Then my next two pregnancies left me with even more stretch marks - dang it!

Now that pregnancy number four has ended and my stomach is once again deflating, I'm noticing that my previous stretch marks (or "scales" as my husband so lovingly calls them) look like they have faded more and my skin still looks great.

I am so proud of ABOUT TO POP!  I can't wait until it is ready to release and I hope that you love it as much as I do.

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